Crafting an intranet for Keolis

Keolis UK is a growing transport network operator and parent company to a number of European transport services including local tram network Nottingham Express Transit, London Midland, and Southeastern trains.

The brief

Following the success of the Nottingham Trams’ intranet, created by team members at bcsAgency the year prior, Keolis UK sought a similar platform for its Head Office function.

To prepare for wider business growth, Keolis UK wanted to create a robust intranet platform that was bespoke to the organisation and would act as an information and document resource area. It also needed to work as a booking system for holidays and meeting rooms, as well as logging sickness and confidential employee information.

The challenge

In order to manage holiday requests and confidential documents, individual team members required different levels of authority on the system as well as universal access to the global calendar. The biggest challenge was displaying all meeting rooms in once place and designing an interface that could cope with high volumes of data.

The solution

Firstly, bcsAgency conducted a thorough planning process, asking what the system needed to achieve for each type of user. These insights then informed the creation of a draft site map, navigation bar and wireframes.

Once agreed, bcsAgency began creating a responsive interface design that met Keolis UK’s strict brand guidelines.

bcsAgency then designed and built a bespoke PHP site from scratch. The url is gated with a login and password making it accessible to staff when away from the office.

Given the nature of the business, many team members are on the road or at meetings away from head quarters, so bcsAgency developed a portal within the intranet, which holds useful information about recommended hotels, taxi firms, car hire and restaurants in various locations across the UK.

Adding an extra level of personalisation, bcsAgency worked with Keolis UK to create widgets, such as local weather forecasts, national rail updates and traffic news that each user could use to create a unique homepage. The newly-developed intranet was then tested by members of the Keolis UK team, who provided feedback on its usability and function.

To ensure quick adoption and confident use of the new system, bcsAgency provided demos for Keolis UK team members.

The results

By removing documents and internal processes from staff inboxes onto a central hub, bcsAgency has helped Keolis UK streamline processes and improve communication across teams.

The resulting intranet content and admin permissions, such as approving annual leave, are managed internally by Keolis UK. They are also able to create company-wide alerts and notifications as well as upload regular news stories and blogs to the intranet.

What Keolis think.

BCS has created an extremely user friendly intranet for Keolis UK, which has been widely praised by our staff. The administration of the site is very intuitive and easy to manage. The intranet is visually appealing and has really helped us achieve our goals of reducing unnecessary email correspondence and providing a central system for booking leave and meetings.

Sarah Reed, Communications Executive – Keolis UK