Posted on the 15th December 2015

Our favourite campaigns of 2015

2015 has been another busy year of truly great PR, advertising and social media campaigns. From empowering feminist campaigns that redefined what being a 21st century woman means, to the very clever reason hundreds of signs mysteriously lost their ‘As’, ‘Os’ and ‘Bs’, there’s certainly been something for everyone.

We’ve taken the time to round up a few of our favourite campaigns from the past 12 months that were engaging, interesting and above all boosted brand awareness and met campaign targets.

Doggy emoji keyboard


One for dog lovers. Dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust created a special emoji keyboard featuring 23 adorable dog breeds, the first of its kind.

Emojis have been dubbed the world’s fastest growing language and this campaign was a clever way to harness emoji-fever for a truly worthy cause.

Each character represented a real dog at Dogs Trust that was looking for his or her forever home and was a nod to dog lovers and emoji addicts everywhere. As an extra stroke of genius, the keyboard launch also coincided with National Dog Day which took place on August 26th.

In addition to the keyboard, the charity launched a ‘dogtionary’ giving detailed information about the dog each emoji was based on. This was then distributed to key online influencers and using the power of social media, each dog gained celebrity status but most importantly, the loving home they’d all been dreaming of.

With over 8,000 app downloads and the app scooping the top spot on the iTunes app store chart, it’s clear to see why this campaign made it into our top 3.

NHS Blood and transplant missing type campaign


This simple yet exceptionally clever campaign saw hundreds of publications, signs and brands nationwide drop the ‘As’, ‘Os’ and ‘Bs’ from their headlines, logos and signs.

Representing the 3 major blood groups, the missing letters highlighted the fact that if more blood donors do not come forward, these blood types will go missing in future years resulting in millions of unnecessary lost lives.

The campaign was launched in response to a recent report which revealed that there were 40% fewer new blood donors last year in comparison to a decade ago. In addition to the recent news that the UK is desperately in need of 200,000 new donors to replenish vital blood stocks, these stats show the sheer enormity of the challenge the NHS is currently faced with.

More than 600 companies across the nation rallied together to support the cause including the likes of Waterstones, Odeon and TFL. Following the initial launch of the campaign, thousands more organisations and brands jumped on the band wagon to help this great cause. Not only were people removing letters but they were also tweeting about it, registering to donate and helping to spread the word. Through their efforts the campaign saw a whopping 10,000 new donors in the space of just one weekend.

This girl can


Aimed at inspiring women to exercise without the fear of being judged, this inspirational campaign from Sport England helped to challenge gender biases and perceptions. Showing that girls and women can do anything, the campaign launched bold posters featuring women of all races, shapes and sizes tackling a whole range of exercises, coupled with real life quotes and stories from real women nationwide.

The accompanying TV ad has had millions of total views on Youtube since it first launched and played an important part in a bigger PR campaign which was launched in response to figures showing that two million less women exercise, in comparison to their male counterparts. Feelings of self-consciousness and image worries were among the reasons many women felt they could not exercise but with the help of a short 90 second video and a bold empowering quote, women from all over England were realising that they could do anything they wanted.

Great quotes such as “I’m slow but I’m lapping everyone on the couch”, “I jiggle therefore I am” and “My game face has lipstick on” were amongst the phrases to adorn our TV Screens, billboards and computer screens and the campaign is still going strong after launching a spin-off campaign this autumn aimed at encouraging women to exercise in the winter.

The campaign’s Facebook and Twitter pages have also shown impressive stats garnering 325,000+ Facebook likes to date, over 84,000 followers on Twitter and thousands of interactions from women across the globe.

Although the campaign started off as a UK campaign, it has resonated with women all over the world who have all been posting their own memes and using the #Thisgirlcan hashtag across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

A good PR campaign is one that is built on authenticity and we think the way this campaign managed to get real women engaged and helped change their attitudes surrounding exercise, was truly inspirational.

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Addie Kenogbon
Addie Kenogbon