Posted on the 22nd December 2015

Best Social Media Campaigns of 2015

As social media continues to grow as a proven marketing strategy, the marketing industry has seen an increase in clever and effective social media campaigns.

Brands are always thinking of new and innovative ways to interact with their customers and social media is not only the newest but also one of the best platforms for launching a campaign, particularly when engaging with consumers. But why? Using social media for a marketing campaign is cheap, interactive and you can also benefit from having direct contact with customers.

There are many examples of great social media campaigns, but we’ve pulled together the most creative and interesting social media campaigns we’ve spotted in 2015.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) #BendTheRules Vine campaign.

In the past, HP have usually stuck to TV Advertising in order to market their new products, but they wanted to give the company’s image a makeover to target a younger tech and social-savvy audience.


Earlier this year HP used the short-form video service Vine to show off their Pavilion convertible laptop. At the end of 2014, in collaboration with vine stars, HP created some pretty awesome and creative content using the tablet/laptop.

HP’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Rob Le Bras Brown, explained the idea around the social media campaign saying “The idea was to find creative people in social media, particularly ‘vine-ographers’, give them the machine and invite them to be creative with it in six seconds”

With the millions of people following the vine stars, consumers were viewing, liking and sharing the vines and this brought great publicity for the product. HP decided to run a competition for the public to create a ‘rule-bending vine’, upload it to twitter and use the hashtag #BENDTHERULES and the winner would win a bunch of HP goodies. This drew huge attention to the product and they had 105,000 entries.

Hellmann’s WhatsApp Campaign

When you think of social media campaigns, its likely your mind goes straight to Facebook or Twitter – but it was Hellmann’s that benefited from thinking outside the box. The mayo giant came up with a brilliant idea to create a fun, helpful social media campaign using the #1 Messaging service, WhatsApp, which has more monthly users than Twitter and Instagram put together.


The concept was for customers in Brazil to enter their phone number into the website and a professional chef would get in touch with them (via whatsapp). The customer would then send the ingredients they had on-hand and the chef would help them pick out a recipe, give them tips, send tutorial videos and even notify them when to take their food out of the oven. Pretty cool, right? Let’s just hope it wasn’t Gordon Ramsay on the other end of the phone.

Roughly 500 dishes - which all featured Hellmann’s mayonnaise alongside the other items participants had available – were all made using this real-time form of engagement, which created a huge amount of online buzz and PR.

Unilever’s digital marketing manager in Brazil explained at a conference: "The main learning was that it's not about just advertising; it's about creating a relevant service; it's about creating real conversations, real connections with consumers; and answering a real need in the exact moment that they are needing your help."

TOMS #WithoutShoes Instagram Campaign

TOMS shoes launched in 2006 with the idea of donating a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold. This year the company wanted their fans to participate in ‘one day without shoes’, a 16-day long campaign with the aim to raise awareness of children’s health and education.


More than 300 million children around the world have no shoes to wear and giving shoes to those children goes further than simply providing comfort – it can increase access to education and treat debilitating diseases that affect the feet and legs.

Showing off your feet on Instagram may not be the most glamorous trend, but from 5th May to 21st May 2015, users could participate in the campaign by snapping a photo of their bare feet with the hashtag #WithoutShoes and TOMS donated a pair of shoes to a child in need. The campaign demonstrated that TOMS is really committed to its cause but it was also a great marketing strategy for the company at the same time. Everyone wins! The campaign resulted in the donation of 296,243 pairs of shoes.


These three campaigns are some of the most ingenious we’ve come across. Can you think of any other great social media campaigns? Tweet us at @bcsAgency

Louis Cox
Louis Cox