Posted on the 2nd April 2015

An Egg-citing Easter Treat

It only seems five minutes since we were roasting marshmallows and stuffing our faces with Christmas dinner, but it’s already time to unwrap those Easter eggs and put back on the pounds you’ve only just lost after the festive season.

However, not all Easter eggs are of the chocolate variety. Many companies place virtual ‘Easter eggs’ within their websites and gaming developers hide secret ‘cheats’ and features intended to make you smile.

It’s thought that the name derives from the traditional Easter egg hunt, as the hidden gems act as a challenge for people to find. First commercially recognised in Atari’s Adventure video game back in 1979, we decided the Easter holiday would be a great time to show you our top ten favourite Easter eggs we’ve found hidden around the internet.

​1. ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ - Google

By typing ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ into Google, your whole screen will literally do a barrel roll. Simple, but never gets old.

2. ‘Google in 1998’ – Google

If you type ‘Google in 1998’ into the search bar, your screen will change to the very first Google screen in 1998.


3. ‘Beam Me Up, Scotty’ – YouTube

Typing ‘‘Beam Me Up, Scotty’ in YouTube won’t transport you to a time where no man has gone before, but it will ‘beam’ your videos to your display. It’s illogical, Captain.


4. Pac Man - Google

To celebrate April Fool’s Day 2015 – Google Maps added a button that lets users turn city roads into a game of PACMAN. Simply load up Google Maps and the PAC-MAN button will appear in the bottom left hand corner – if it doesn’t load, search for Times Square NY and the logo will appear.


5. Blank screen – Wikipedia

Wikipedia joined in on the Easter egg fun with this intentional blank page.

wiki blnak

6. ‘Tilt’ - Google

Another easy one. If you type ‘tilt’ into your search bar, your whole screen will literally tilt. The wonder of technology.


7. English (Pirate) - Facebook

An amusing feature of Facebook that has been around for years and still manages to keep me hearties amused for hours, is the ‘English (Pirate)’ feature, where you can change the language of your Facebook to pirate talk. Head to your settings, choose language and search for English (Pirate). Arghh!


​8. Sloths – Buzzfeed

By typing the Konami Code, a cheat code used in the 1980’s by gamers (UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-B-A) into Buzzfeed, you will find a delightful page full of nothing but sloths.


9. Nag a ram – Google

If you type anagram into Google… you’ve guessed it, it gives you a nag a ram - obviously! This inside joke was created by Google developers and suggests a definition to a word that doesn’t even exist. Or does it? A reminder to pester your pet sheep perhaps.


​10. Tardis – Google Maps

Not only can you see the Tardis on the streets of London, in front of Earls Court Underground, on Google Maps – if you go close enough you’ll be able to have a sneak peek inside!

11. An Atari Classic

The old games are the best and Google have revived a classic. Simply image search ‘Atari breakout’ and watch as the images take their new place. Cue hours of joy and time wasted.


Have you found any other entertaining Easter eggs? Why not tweet us at @bcsAgency and let us know!

Happy Easter from everyone here at bcs.